Frequently Asked Questions  

Where do I start?
Start by reviewing the info about specific challenge tracks and challenge rules, then study the Ocean Documentation and GitHub Repositories.

Should I work in a team?
We recommend you form and work together in dedicated Challenge Teams, ideally with a size of 2-6 people (maximum). 

Can I get feedback and advice on my submission concept idea?
Yes! Members of the Ocean team will offer optional online sessions to provide teams with feedback and advice on submission concepts ideas & help with troubleshooting. To connect with Ocean team members as well as passionate Ocean community join Ocean’s Discord channel

What do I need to submit to fulfill the minimum submission requirements?
Please refer to details in the Submission Requirements section on the main Overview page for specific details. Please note, teams are allowed to submit multiple unique entries however each entry can only be submitted once.

NOTE: Ocean reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason, and particularly will reject submissions that obfuscate, break laws, harm others, infringe on others intellectual property, or rely mainly on third-party plugins.

Is the Ocean Protocol network stable during the challenge?
Please understand that Ocean will continue to be under active development during the challenge. Ocean will do its best to inform challenge participants of major changes in a timely manner so you can take them into account for your own work. We will work hard to have minimal downtime, to the best of our abilities. Thank you in advance for understanding that we’re actively building the technology at the same time.

My submission requires additional functionality in Ocean Protocol, what should I do?
If your submission requires functionality outside the current capabilities of the Ocean codebase, please contact the Ocean development team on the Ocean Discord channel

How do I submit my entry?
All challenge entry submissions must be made using DevPost. Each entry can only be submitted once.

When is the submission deadline?
Submissions must be received no later than 10 January 2021 (11:45 PM Central European TIme) to be considered for prize rewards. It is possible to enter your submission before 10 January 2021.

When are challenge winners announced?
All challenge winners will be announced January 26, 2021.

When are prizes going to be distributed?
All Ocean Token prizes will be awarded within 30 days of announcing the winners. Any non-Ocean Token bonus prizes awarded by third party sponsors will be transferred according to the timeframe set by the third party sponsor as follows. For specific details regarding sponsor bonus prizes please refer to the official rules.  

How many Bonus Prizes are there and what do they cover? 
There are a total of 16 bonus prizes covering innovative applications and successful integrations. Of these 8 bonus prizes are Ocean Token based prizes and 8 are sponsored ecosystem partner prizes. For a full listing of all bonus prizes visit the Bonus Prize Overview page here.