Bonus Prize Overview

In addition to the main top level prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Community Choice Award and Honorable Mentions), there are 8 Special Project bonus prizes with Ocean Token prizes and 8 additional bonus prizes officially sponsored by ecosystem partners.

NOTE: To be eligible for bonus prizes, submissions must meet all minimum requirements for top level prizes PLUS additional requirements specifically defined by each bonus prize.

The 8 bonus prizes with Ocean Tokens will be awarded for each of the following targeted applications or integrations:

  1. Best datatoken analytics app

  2. Best data bounty app

  3. Best marketplace app with novel curation.

  4. Best integration into phone data as a data service.

  5. Best integration into CoinMarketCap data service.
  6. Best integration into Messari API data service.

  7. Best integration into Numerai Signals data service.
  8. Best integration into OpenMined (as a data service or otherwise).


The 8 bonus prizes sponsored by ecosystem partners include:

1. 1inch Exchange Bonus Prize
Prize: $500 in DAI

2. Balancer Bonus Prize
Prize: 100 Balancer tokens (BAL)

3. DAOstack Bonus Prize

Prize: 20k GEN tokens (GEN)

4. Energy Web Foundation (EWF) Bonus Prize

Prize: $2K in Energy Web tokens (EWT)

5. Pillar Bonus Prize

Prize: $2K worth of Pillar tokens (PLR)

6. Protocol Labs Bonus Prize

Prize: 300 Filecoin tokens (FIL)

7. Secret Network Bonus Prize

Prize: up to $2K in Secret Network tokens (SCRT)  

8. Streamr Bonus Prize

Prize: $2K in Streamr tokens (DATA)


For details on specific requirements for each bonus prize please refer to the complete prize listings on the main Overview page.